Blending Sounds
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Teachers, Tutors,
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An Enhancement to Any Beginning Reading Program

If you are a preschool teacher, this is for you!
If you are a kindergarten teacher, this is for you!
If you are a primary-grade teacher, this is for you!
Do you have any pupils who can't memorize sight words?
Do you have any pupils who can't sound out words?
Then this is for YOU!!

Do you know...
Children are becoming remedial readers at 4, 5 and 6 years of age...
unheard of years ago

Years ago, most children started reading in first grade.
Today, children are learning to read in preschool.
Many succeed...many cannot!
As a teacher, you want to recognize if a child is becoming frustrated because he can't ...
Memorize sight words...
Sound out words...
If he can't do it, then he needs....alternate approaches.
Provide those alternate approaches before he develops a negative attitude about his ability to learn...before he becomes a remedial reader.

          These pages offer you those alternatives to enhance your reading program for those pupils who need something different.

       Originally for pupils in first grade who started school with no reading backgrounds and were considered "not ready to read", the strategies and techniques in the program for  sight vocabulary, decoding words, and even printing  can be utilized by you in your own programs.  The original program as documented in these materials met the needs of pupils who started school with no understanding of phonics, no knowledge of the alphabet letters, and no sight vocabulary.  Today it is the rare pupil who has not learned letters, sounds, and at least some sight words at the age of 3 or 4.

      Select the strategy that you need for your pupils who are having problems.
  Take from these programs what will help you help your pupils to overcome difficulties in learning.

For an alternate, unconventional, but successful technique in teaching children to blend sounds together when they just can't figure out how to "put those sounds together", click on the Navigation tab at the top of the page:  Blending Sounds.  This will tell you about my book How to Teach the Blending of Sounds in Beginning Reading (c)1974 and 2007 by Janet Bacon

For how to teach beginning readers to recall beginning sight words without phonics and to give them confidence they can handle those "marks", click on the Navigation tab at the top of page:  Lesson Plans and Workpapers, (c) 1977 and 2011 and 2012 by Janet Bacon, taken from the complete program: 
The Multi-Modal Approach to Beginning Reading.

For the Philosophy and Strategy of The Multi-Modal Approach to Beginning Reading, (c) 1977 and 2011 byt Janet Bacon click on the Navigation tab at the top of the page: Multi-Modal Approach.   There, you will find the Modes of Learning as defined by the author,  the theory behind this successful approach and the Steps to beginning reading...without phonics and with pupils considered  "not ready to read" .  There are also Oral Exercises for early sight words and early Structural Analysis Workpapers in the book.

After reading any part of my program to enhance your own reading program, you may feel free to contact me at inq for a free telephone conference call for any support I can give you to make the most of the strategies.

Finally, before purchasing, consider purchasing the BUNDLE, the complete PROGRAM  of all of the above for a greatly reduced price.

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